Golden Dawn leaders on the road to jail, in the mean time crime numbers and illegal immigration gets higher in Greece.

Today the court decided to imprison the leaders of Golden Dawn, at the same time crime in the center of Athens gets higher with hundreds of illegal immigrants , selling and drugs in the center of Athens now is a regulatory for the people living there. The prostituion is also not controlled and every day fights errupt between immigrant groups, citizens of Athens can’t walk free by the nights.

The leaders which decided to be imprison are :

  • Nikos Michaloliakos
  • Ilias Kassidiaris
  • Ioannis Lagos
  • Ilias Panagiotaros
  • Artemis Matheopoulos
  • Xristos Pappas
  • Giannis Kazantzoglou

A few days ago there was a mass rally  despite the bans due to covid-19 measures and things are gettings worst after cliams of many people that this increased the cases of covid in Greece.

In the meantime the tensions in the Aegean is growing between Greece and Turkey and things in the next days will show intentions of Turkey regarding thsi matter.


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