Journalist Stefanos Chios was cowardly shot twice outside his home

Today on 27.07.2020 in the morning 3am journalist Stefanos Chios was cowardly by two unknown suspects shot twice, the gun of the attacker was stuck and this is why things did not escalated further.

The information states that one of the two perpetrators approached him and shot him twice from close range through the driver’s window. The journalist’s reaction was immediate, as he managed to open the door and knock one of the perpetrators, blocking the firearm he was holding.

“Stefanos Chios received two bullets from a stranger wearing black clothes and who had an accomplice waiting for him. “One of the bullets passed near the carotid artery and the other near the heart, while in his car there are two bullet holes”, police sources pointed out about the attack.

Immediately after the murderous attack, the perpetrators fled in an unknown direction. Subsequently, the well-known journalist appeared covered in blood at Sismanogleio Hospital and from there, since the hospital was not on duty, he was transferred by ambulance to KAT, where he is being treated. According to information, Stefanos Chios is being treated under sedation with his condition being characterized as controlled, while more details about the perpetrators are expected to be given by the journalist who will give the testimony to the Authorities.

The journalist, known for his outspoken and often abusive view, uploaded his own picture after the attack on social media.

On the same day his journalist team from said that all their facebook groups banned the same time with the attack.

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