FAKE NEWS : Tiffanny Dover is dead because of covid vaccine?

After a few minutes we published our post on Greek language over the fake news of Tiffany Dover which is the nurse vaccinated for covid and died??? https://e-virusnews.com/fake-news/fake-news-i-nosokoma-tifani-ntover-pethane-apo-to-emvolio/ and tweet it many of fake accounts started attacking us and using very bad words against us (e-virusnews.com), some examples are that we are posting shit post and we are stupid!

Without any proper information’s they are attacking us that our posts are not accurate and not saying the truth, as a journalist website we did a investigation about this report that the nurse Tifany Dover is not dead, and the proof was the hospital was working claimed she is fine.

Some troll accounts https://twitter.com/Cryptokw2 you can see without proper info’s re-posting things they not even know and showing Instagram profile that is being disabled, the Instagram could be disabled because it received many visits and marked as spam or disabled by her temporary disabled by the system of Instagram for revieving for this not normal visit.



We are curious to see how this weird story will end, we have in touch with all sources and check if the claims are accurate.

Maybe we are wrong too, we will double check all our sources.

We got in touch with the SearchQuarry and its hospital to check further.


UPDATE : It seems SearchQuarry not wish to talk about if the certificate is legit or a fake one, they did never answered and we got a confirmation of the ticket we opened with them that within 1 day they will reply which never did.

More info’s shows on newest video from here https://www.facebook.com/CHIMemorial/ that the nurse called Tiffany Dover is alive and doing fine.



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